Skins | Channel 4 / Company Pictures

Skins - E4's hit show with a huge social following and fan-base - has the perfect viewer profile for a live ShowCaster show. But Channel 4 wanted to do something different...

As a UK first, the idea emerged to invite the cast to the screening of the final episode of Skins - and broadcast the cast watching the screening live to viewers at home. This meant viewers were able to watch Skins on TV - and at the same time see the cast's reaction to the show live on their tablets, smartphones and PCs (with the audio muted). The show was produced with ShowCaster's live production partners, the Social Media Factory.

This represented the ultimate companion screen experience - and was hugely popular with fans at home, generating great feedback and a lot of Twitter activity. There was also a public announcement at the end of the TV show encouraging users to visit for a further 60 minute web live TV show - where viewers could interact and ask the cast questions, extending viewer engagement beyond the broadcast TV slot.

Online viewers were also treated to a live performance of Rae's latest single - with the opportunity to purchase the track from iTunes.